National Call

Thursday, May 3, 2018

6:00pm ET

(5pm CT | 4pm MT | 3pm PT)


On May 3rd at 6:00 pm ET, Jackie Salit will host special guest Peter Ackerman live from DC on a national conference call, part of our Talkin' Independence series.

So please, mark your calendar and dial in to hear the latest developments in two important situations:  Ackerman's Level the Playing Field presidential debates lawsuit against the FEC and the campaign for the People's Veto in Maine.

Peter Ackerman -- now awaiting a decision from the U.S. district court in Washington in the debates case -- commented in a televised interview:  

"Throughout this whole process I've had the experience of seeing the ways in which the two parties -- through the FEC and now the Commission on Presidential Debates -- has basically impeded any competition that was not Democratic and not Republican and to me, that's a big problem with our democratic system."

Ackerman's efforts in Maine to defend a Ranked Choice Voting initiative -- passed by the voters in 2016 but repealed by the state legislature -- were just upheld by the Maine courts.  Now, a People's Veto of the legislature's overreach will be on the June ballot.  As campaign manager Kyle Bailey told the Portland Press Herald, the "decision by the Maine Supreme Court confirms that the Maine people are sovereign and have the final say."  

Join us for this vital Ackerman/Salit conversation on democracy, sovereignty and engaging the unchecked power of the parties.

If you have a question about the debates lawsuit or the People's Veto campaign, please submit it when registering for the call. 


"At a time when the parties are desperately trying to tighten their grip on their voting bases and on the machinery of government that each controls, citizens whose numbers constitute close to the majority, are choosing to render themselves outside of that control." -Jacqueline Salit

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