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Monday, November 12

8:00 pm ET

(7:00 pm CT, 6:00 pm MT, 5:00 pm PT)

Special Post-Midterm Election
Report and Discussion

Join the largest ongoing gathering of independents in the country hosted by
Independent Voting President, Jackie Salit.

The media is narrowly focused on which political party is going to control
the Congress and Senate and how independent voters are going to swing in the midterm elections!

If we swing, the party we vote for thinks we have become members of their party.  We have not!
In fact, Independents don't like the way the parties do politics.

What kind of demand are independents 
in a position to make on the political parties going forward?
What will the parties' position be toward independents in the Presidential Primaries? 
And how do we grow the movement that's independent of the parties 
at the same time that we apply pressure?
Have a question that
you'd like Jackie Salit to address?

Send your question to 
or submit when registering for the call. 

"At a time when the parties are desperately trying to tighten their grip on their voting bases and on the machinery of government that each controls, citizens whose numbers constitute close to the majority, are choosing to render themselves outside of that control." -Jacqueline Salit

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