Finding Otherness by Jacqueline Salit

“Finding Otherness: A Blueprint for an Independent Conversation in 2020”

Jacqueline Salit


June, 2017

Coming off of the raucous 2016 presidential election and its fitful aftermath, the independent movement is faced with opportunities and challenges on a grand scale.  The behemoth battles in Washington, and the media circus surrounding them, serve to mask the gulf that continues to widen between the government and the people.  Given that gulf, independents and reformers must be considering (at least!) the following two questions:

1) With rampant public anger about the state of our politics and the mind-numbing dysfunction in governance, how should we be working to fix the system, revitalize American democracy, and give greater power to the American people?

2) Should independents and structural reformers also be considering a strategy for the 2020 presidential elections?  If so, what is that strategy, what are the prospects for a unified strategy, and how would we get there?

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