Eyes on 2020 Campaign

Eyes on 2020 Campaign

In 2016, the Democratic and Republican parties barred close to 26 million independent voters from voting in the presidential primaries. This level of exclusion is unacceptable.

These partisan primaries are paid for with taxpayer dollars and must be open to all voters in every state. No American should be forced to join a political party in order to be able to vote at every level of the 2020 presidential elections.

The parties have the authority to decide to open their presidential primaries. The Supreme Court has upheld the power of the parties to determine how to conduct their primaries [Tashjian v. Republican Party, 479 U.S. 208 (1986)]. In 2016, the Democratic parties in California, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Oklahoma opened their presidential primaries to independents.

Independent Voters are now the fastest growing community of voters in the country. We are 40% of the electorate. We are increasingly making the difference in the outcome of elections, while charting a path for democratic reform. We have no interest in becoming Democrats or Republicans. We wish to remain as independents and we wish to be recognized and respected as such.

Independent Voting, the largest organization of independents in the country, is leading a national campaign directed to Democratic and Republican parties at the state and national level.

The time has come for both governing parties to take the decisive step of opening the 2020 presidential primaries to independents.

Please sign onto our letter to the DNC and RNC chair-people, Tom Perez and Ronna McDaniel respectively, and get involved in the effort to make sure that independents can participate fully in the 2020 presidential primaries.

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Or call our national offices at 800 288-3201

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