Who are independent voters and what do we want?

44% of Americans identify as independents in the latest polls.  In California, voters unaffiliated with a political party (now called "No Party Preference") are the fastest growing segment of the electorate.

Independents feel there is something deeply wrong with politics in America.  All of the political dialogue – even on critical issues – is shaped by what is best for the political parties.  Independents want to reduce the influence of parties and increase the power of voters so that we can meet the serious challenges facing our country today.  

How are independents having an impact?

IndependentVoice.Org was a key coalition member in the fight for nonpartisan reforms that have transformed California (see Recent Campaigns Below). Those reforms - the Top Two Nonpartisan Primary and Redistricting Reform - have taken the power to run our elections away from the political parties and given it back to the voters.

Recent Campaigns

IndependentVoice.Org has played a central role in major reform campaigns in California, with the aim to open up our democracy and reduce partisan control.  Recent highlights include:

Victory for Open Primaries - Prop 14:  In 2010, California voters approved Prop 14, which takes away the power of the parties to run our elections process.  Implemented beginning in 2012, statewide and congressional elections in California are now nonpartisan rather than being run by party.  All the candidates run together on a single ballot, and all voters participate by voting for any candidate of their choice.  The top two vote getters then go on to a "run off" style election in the fall. Read about the dramatic impact of this reform here>  

Victories for Redistricting Reform - Props 11 and 20:  Passed by the voters in 2008 and 2010, respectively, election districts are now drawn by a panel of ordinary Californians rather than by the politicians in Sacramento.  This panel includes independent voters, and gets rid of the gerrymandering done by the politicians to ensure they get re-elected no matter what the voters think of them.

What is IndependentVoice.Org?

IndependentVoice.Org, founded in 2002, is a 501(c)4 political non-profit organization that serves as the California branch of the independent movement.  

IndependentVoice.Org has been involved in numerous advocacy and ballot initiative campaigns to open the primary elections, reform redistricting, implement public campaign financing, and enact same-day voter registration.

Who is IndependentVoice.Org affiliated with?

For our national affiliate, go to www.IndependentVoting.Org

How do I contact IndependentVoice.Org?