Top Two Open Primary Revolution Rocks California

Election reforms Top Two Open Primary and Redistricting Reform
unleash voters - particularly independents - against the partisan
status quo.

With nine incumbents going down to defeat - many in same
party races that offered voters an actual choice in previously
partisan dominated districts, California shows the nation what
the future could look like.

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Independent Voice Announces Post Partisan

Candidates Marc Levine (Democrat, 10th AD), Bill Bloomfield
(independent, 33rd CD), Abel Maldonado (Republican, 24th CD),
and Chad Walsh (independent, 28th District).

"We're proud to stand with candidates who want to work with
independents to lead us beyond destructive partisanship and
move the country forward.” - Jason Olson, Director of

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Video: Bringing Culture
Change to America
Featuring: Jackie Salit,
President of
IndependentVoting.Org and
Author of
Joan Blades, Co-founder of
  Top 2 Open Primary Shakes Up State
by Jason Olson, Director of IndependentVoice.Org
June 7, 2012

The San Francisco Chronicle ran this headline across their front
page today:
'Top 2' Shakes up State.  

It's a little hard to believe that in April of 2010, I sat in a
meeting with their editors and then Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado to
pitch them on endorsing the "Top 2" open primary (Proposition
14).  They did and their article today begins, "The potentially
dramatic effects of two landmark ballot measures approved by
California voters in recent years began to emerge Tuesday . . .

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A Look Back at the Open Primary Prop 14
Victory in June 2010

Joyce Dattner, chair of IV.Org speaks  with
Schwarzenegger & Maldonado at the Victory
Press Conference.

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