What is IndependentVoice.Org

IndependentVoice.Org is a California association of independent voters working to fix our broken Government. Independents want government to be about what's best for the people - not the political parties. We've worked to take control of our elections away from the political parties and return it to its rightful owners: the voters.

We successfully worked to pass the Top Two Nonpartisan Primary in 2010, and two Redistricting Reform Measures (2008 & 2010). The results have been dramatic - California has gone from one of the most partisan and dysfunctional states to one of the most functional. All voters - including independents, now have the right to participate equally.

As part of the national independent movement led by IndependentVoting.Org, we're working to make that happen across the country.

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    The Elephant and Donkey in the Room: The Future of American Political Parties

    Streamed on October 16, 2017 from the National World War I Museum and Memorial

    Tired of polarized American politics? Join us for a lively discussion across the political spectrum with a panel including former chair of the DNC Howard Dean, President of IndependentVoting.org Jacqueline Salit, Republican Party Political Strategist Danny Diaz, UMKC Chair of Political Science Beth Miller Vonnahme, and independent candidate for U.S. Senate Greg Orman. Moderated by UMKC Professor and former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal Allan Katz.


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    Gamechangers? Independent Voters May Rewrite the Political Playbook

    Gamechangers: ASU, USC and Independent Voting Release Groundbreaking Study of Independents

    Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University and the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy teamed up with Independent Voting to examine the independent voter phenomenon and the impact that it is having on the American political landscape. Their findings have been outlined in the briefing paper, "Gamechangers? Independent Voters May Rewrite the Political Playbook," released last week and noted in POLITICO's "California "Playbook."

    "Like Einstein's theory of relativity or Galileo's insistence that the earth revolves around the sun, new ways of seeing the dynamics of our world can be gamechanging," said Jackie Salit, President of Independent Voting. "In our work with USC's Schwarzenegger Institute and ASU's Morrison Institute, we're showing the world new ways of seeing the independent voter. This will have a dramatic impact on the politics of our country."

    Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger added:

    "The rising number of voters in the United States who are registering and identifying as 'independent' is a very important phenomenon and is already impacting local, state and national elections. Understanding who these voters are and what they care about is essential to a strong democracy, and I am proud to have my Institute involved with this study."

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    Download Game Changers here.

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