What is IndependentVoice.Org?

IndependentVoice.Org is a California association of independent voters working to fix our broken Government. Independents want government to be about what's best for the people - not the political parties. We've worked to take control of our elections away from the political parties and return it to its rightful owners: the voters.

We successfully worked to pass the Top Two Nonpartisan Primary in 2010, and two Redistricting Reform Measures (2008 & 2010). The results have been dramatic - California has gone from one of the most partisan and dysfunctional states to one of the most functional. All voters - including independents, now have the right to participate equally.

As part of the national independent movement led by IndependentVoting.Org, we're working to make that happen across the country.


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    Bernie Sanders and Independents in a bind . . . .

    Bernie Sanders and the national independent movement are in a bind. So says my friend, colleague, and President of IndependentVoting.Org Jackie Salit in her recent Huffington Post piece titled “Bernie, We’re in a Bind”. As Jackie says, Bernie is stuck between needing independent voters (who are propelling his candidacy) and not being able to “go all the way” with those voters in their calls for reform (like letting them vote in the primaries) because Clinton would attack him as “not a real Democrat”: You nearly won Iowa, you crushed it in New Hampshire and came within a hair's breadth in Nevada. How? By carrying independent voters who chose a Democratic ballot by huge margins. Sixty-nine percent of independents in Iowa. Seventy-three percent of independents in New Hampshire. Seventy-one percent in Nevada. That's where your competitive margin is coming from. . . . . . . I know the second that you acknowledge the importance of independent voters to your campaign -- and to this country -- you will be attacked for not being a loyal Democrat. That could hurt you with the Democrat base.
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  • Latest from the blog

    TV Interview: CA Government functional once again under new reforms

    IndependentVoice.Org Director Jason Olson talks to Reason TV about the impact of the Top Two Nonpartisan Primary on California. Olson co-authored a report titled A Quiet Revolution: The Early Success of California’s Top Two Nonpartisan Primary.
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